Quit Smoking with QuitKey

QuitKey Stop Smoking Program by LifeSign

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QuitKey alters your smoking routine and eases you off cigarettes gradually. QuitKey reminds you when to smoke and when not to smoke. Step by step. Hour by hour. One day at a time.

Here's why QuitKey is the best way to treat your tobacco addiction:

  • Gradual Self-Help:

    You break your habit at your own pace.
  • Personal:

    Your program is based on your habit.
  • Flexible:

    Adjusts if you have a bad day.
  • Scientifically Based:

    Combines the best nicotine withdrawal knowledge with behavior modification principles.
  • Convenient:

    QuitKey is always at hand where your phone is
  • Free Support Hotline:

    Just pick up the phone to reach our QuitKey Support Staff.
  • Safe and Natural:

    Uses no drugs or gimmicks.
  • Proven:

    Clinically tested by major medical research institutions.
  • Pays for Itself:

    Costs less than a pack of cigarettes and your health comes free!