About us

PICS (Personal Improvement Computer Systems), Inc. is a research and development firm in Reston, VA specializing in the development and evaluation of health behavior and health communication technologies designed to improve health and well-being. PICS has developed, evaluated and distributed a number of consumer products including LifeSign and QuitKey for smoking cessation, DietMate for dietary modification and SleepKey for sleep improvement. PICS also has developed, evaluated and produced computer technologies for health professionals including DietMate Pro for monitoring dietary intake, and CERTAS for general self-monitoring purposes.PICS has an active research division which has been awarded over 50 grants from the National Institutes of Health, primarily in the areas of smoking cessation, dietary management, exercise, insomnia, and behavioral monitoring. 

We welcome your comments and suggestions about our products and service.  Please email us at CustomerService@LifeSign.com