Dietmate - DietMate Reviews

Here are some stories from people who love DietMate!

  • "DietMate allows me to eat sensibly and still do the things I enjoy - going out to eat and cooking for my family. With DietMate, I've learned to choose my foods more carefully and have really come to appreciate the value of regular exercise."

    Barbara Christian - Reston, Virginia
  • "This has been a wonderful product for me. In addition to helping me lose 40 pounds, DietMate helps me lead a healthier life so its a way to get healthy and slender. I feel that this is the safest, most creative long term diet product on the market. It was a constant and confidential companion for me. I thank you for this product."

    Carol Allen - Bedford, New York
  • "Easy! An American way of life! It allows me my gyro on Thursdays and sushi on Tuesdays. This is a weight management program, not a diet. It can go with you. I love it!"

    Charlene Verner - Medford, New Jersey
  • "DietMate is an excellent idea; well put together. Being employed in the clinical nutrition department of a large hospital, I am well informed about nutrition as well as computers. I was thrilled to see both technologies combined."

    Dinah Virapen - Ontario, Canada
  • "I love the program. I've lost 30 pounds with my old DietMate and I like the new upgrade even better!"

    Donna McLean - Ontario, Canada
  • "I always lose weight fast and gain it back and then gain some extra weight. With DietMate, I'm in for the long haul to slow, permanent, weight loss."

    Robert Schulte - Clarksburg, West Virginia
  • "I love it. I wish I could sell it. I've told so many people about it. It's an answer to a lifelong prayer."

    Juanita Buss - Sherwood, Oregon
  • "Its great! I don't feel deprived and it doesn't cost a fortune!"

    Jackie Stoddard - Tonaslat, Washington
  • "I have been surprised that by using the DietMate program and abiding by structured eating habits, I have not been hungry between meals."

    Bill Edmonds - Reston, Virginia
  • "DietMate is everything I need to really succeed this time. Having a 'personal computer' gives me something I can focus on and the feedback I need. Everything is so precise...Also, I love the shopping list feature. I never know what to buy! Now you've figured it out for me and my husband."

    Laura Jones - Wharton, New Jersey
  • "This computer is so easy for me. I'm not computer literate. Thank you for all the work you put in to make it user friendly!"

    Marcia Yoder - Goshen, Indiana
  • "I think this is wonderful. I love all of the choices that I have. I like the fact that I'm in control and the computer helps me make the right choices."

    Joan Urcavich - Wichita, Kansas
  • "I really like it because I hate to plan menus, count calories and keep track of everything."

    Patsy Rowley - Marjetta, Ohio
  • "I love the convenience of being able to take the computer with you at all times."

    Isabelle Gyamenah - Stockton, California
  • "I like this program because the computer plans meals, makes out a shopping list, tells you when to drink water, keeps you exercising and supports you."

    Angela Holmes - Cleveland, Ohio
  • "Since I have almost achieved my weight loss goal, I use DietMate to help me maintain my weight without having to try to plan and worry myself."

    Kay Seneker - Seymour, Tennessee
  • "DietMate is an excellent way of keeping track of calories and exercise."

    Patricia Kanya - Reston, Virginia
  • "I really love it. It does it all. This machine reminds you to drink water, eat, exercise and then tells you you're doing great or not to feel bad!"

    Delores Hammork - Bowie, Maryland
  • "DietMate is great! I can interact with it and it reminds me in non-threatening ways the various things I need to do for myself."

    Judy Pepper - Reston, Virginia
  • "Good instructions!!! Easy to follow! Lots of fun!!"

    Sharon Ballman - Ocean Park, Washington