How Does DietMate Work

Product Description

DietMate is a convenient, hand-held computer that guides you through a proven program of weight loss. First, it helps personalize a plan that is just right for you. Then it gives you specific choices for each meal, tracks your progress and adjusts itself automatically. It even makes grocery shopping lists!  And because of its discreet size, you can use DietMate at home, at restaurants, or wherever it fits into your lifestyle.

There are many benefits to using this first-of-its-kind weight loss computer. It's like having a dietitian, nutritionist, personal coach, and supportive friend in the palm of your hand. DietMate creates your own personal control program based on your age, sex, height, weight loss goals, exercise preferences and lifestyle. The device is remarkably easy to use, with no keyboard, and only seven simple buttons for making choices and answering questions. DietMate does all the work for you. It provides menus, counts calories, checks cholesterol and sodium intakes, eases you into exercise, charts your progress, and even helps you buy the right items at the grocery store.


With DietMate you get to eat "real food" -- there's no powders, liquids, pills, or prepackaged meals. This computer offers delicious, well-balanced, nutritious meals using real food from your local markets. And since the DietMate is about lifestyle changes, you'll not only learn how to eat healthy, but you'll also learn how make intelligent, healthy choices at restaurants. The DietMate menus are designed for everyday living, so you'll find both quick and elegant home-cooked options, as well as suggestions for dining at restaurants, and even fast food or frozen meals. DietMate knows that you're live a busy life. The DietMate computer is discreet, convenient, and smart. It will help you get back on track for weight loss and a healthy future. And, unlike many of its diet competitors, DietMate requires no time-consuming meetings. The DietMate computer is always there, whenever you need it.