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What People Are Saying About the QuitKey Program

It worked for me.. April 25, 2013

I've been smoke free since 1989.....not one puff. What's more important?? I don't even want one puff. I used LifeSign....which gave me the courage to begin.... because you just smoke like you normally do. Then it got me through the physical withdrawal. Yes, there is physical withdrawal.... but it's doable because you're gradually cutting back. You're not going cold turkey. So you know a cigarette is forthcoming. In addition, and this is critical, I had to change my mind set. A friend said you're never going to make it because your mindset is still at, "I really don't want to quit, but I know I should." Your mindset needs to be "I WANT TO QUIT." Actually, I was upset with his remark. I had written a list of all the reasons I wanted to quit smoking. I went home and looked at my list of reasons...ie...I don't want lung cancer, I don't want a heart attack, I don't want emphaziema...it makes you smell bad...gaining weight is not nearly as bad as cancer. Then I thought how can I honestly believe these reasons and not really WANT to quit. That was the turning point. I did believe those reasons...and I did WANT TO QUIT. My LifeSign had calculated a 14 day withdrawal. I quit in 10 days.

After 35 years and now smoke free March 30, 2013

I started smoking in the military and smoked 1 1/2 - 2 packs a day for 35 years. I tried to stop before without much luck. I researched different ways to quit, with patches, pills ect.. I decided on the LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer due to no side effects and cost. I was skeptical but thought at the cost of a couple of cartons I'd give it a shot. Glad I did I'm now smoke free for the last 13 months and counting. I won't say this is for everyone. Quitting smoking is hard. But if you truly have made the decision to quit smoking this little device just might be the help you need to make it happen. I hope this review helps and good luck on your journey.

Confidence and ability builderMarch 21, 2013

Great confidence builder. Allows you to believe that you can get through those nicotine urges for greater and greater lengths of time in between. Used in conjunction with Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking to wipe away those psychological factors that can hang you up and keep you smoking, this is a win-win, as long as you are committed to the quit.

Quit after 32 years February 4, 2013

This product will only work if you are ready to quit . Like many smokers, I have attempted to quit several times using a variety of products such as the original life sign, patches, gum, e-cigarettes, cold turkey. It is very difficult to quit. I did end up quitting on this attempt, with this product, after smoking 32 years, smoking just over a pack a day. By Jim Wish I Had Tried Sooner!!!, February 3, 2013 So I have smoked for 4 1/2 years and cold turkey was NOT working out for me. My dad quit smoking about 20 years ago and when I asked him how he quit he said he used LifeSign. Granted it's a little different than 20 years ago but the concept is the same. Spending the same amount I would have spent on a carton I ordered the QuitKey and after about two weeks slowly cut down from a pack a day to about 6. And for the first time in years I had ZERO cravings!!! I was able to jump down to one cigarette a day after that and am now going through the blissful state of detoxing my lungs. I can't thank LifeSign enough for getting me through those first two weeks by taking the guessing/calculating out of cutting down. Would recommend this to anyone serious about quitting who doesn't want to go through the hassle of nicotine withdrawal. Affordable and it works! Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and try this out! By Corey My husband may be quitting smoking after 50 years of smoking.

Say hallelujah,January 11, 2013

My husband has been smoking since he was 14 years old. We're figuring he was smoking 3 packs a day. After the first 7 days of pressing the button, lifesign told him when he could smoke. It started at every 20 minutes. It's been 3 wks I think since he pressed the button for the first time. He is at every 1 hr and 15 minutes. It's tough for him, but he is doing it. Guess having health issues now is a good motivator. Still, it is tough. H e's tried patches, wellbutron, the nicotine tablets you suck on(can't think of the name of them) and wasn't able to get anywhere with them. Now he is down to less then a pack a day. He has 23 days left according to his little unit. You may be asking since he has been on the program for about 3 weeks why does he still have 23 days left. When he doesn't make it all the way to the time he is given and smokes early, he presses the button. I think it then somehow gives him more time!?! or maybe I'm blowing smoke. No pun intended ;). All in all, there is a big possibility that he may be quitting smoking after 50 years of smoking. Say hallelujah.

really, really works. I'm living proof July 18, 2012

This item help me quit smoking in 18 days. I throw it and a half carton of cigarettes away. I really enjoyed smoking but it was causing me serious problems. I smoked no less than 3 packs a day to the butt. I walked away from it and never looked back. By Jboy60 Intense value, not so intense price :), Ginger

I did it! July 11, 2012, 2013

As a young adult, I was already smoking a pack and a half to two packs a day, and I had only been smoking for 7 years. Having two parents that smoked, and one of them die from it, it struck close to home and I realized it was time to stop. I tried EVERYTHING! I tried "cold turkey" first, and let me tell you, whoever said that was a good idea was wrong! Next I tried the patch, (which gave me horrendous nightmares and didn't even curb the cravings), the gum and all that did was make my jaw sore, then I of course tried the electronic cigarette. That was OK, but it didn't help when I was outside and wanted to chain smoke. Finally, a good friend of mine recommended LifeSign's Quit Key. I saw a difference in my addiction within the first two weeks. I never knew that a smoking addiction was more than just an addiction, it was also a bad habit. Quit Key helped to break my habit, by telling me to smoke in situations that I didn't necessarily want to and telling me to hold off when I really did. Once I got out of the habit, the addiction started to wither away. Before I knew it, I didn't want ANY of the cigarettes that the Quit Key was telling me to have! By the end of it, I was ready to turn it off and put it in a place for "safe keeping" , you know just in case. It's been 2 years, and I'm doing great! It bothers me when I am around smokers, but only because of the smell. I don't crave them at all anymore. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Not only did it work first try for me, but it's ONLY $60!!! = ) By UPS Lady Thank you QuitKey for helping me kick a lifetime addiction to cigarettes...,

Longtime SmokerJune 20, 2012

I have been a smoker all my adult life (over 20 years) and over the years I have tried many quit smoking programs. I tried the patch and it gave me an itch, I tried the gum and my jaws hurt... but worse of all I kept on smoking. A few years ago a friend suggested that I try QuitKey. Initially I was skeptical but also desperate to quit and at the price of less than $60, QuitKey sounded like a bargain. I found QuitKey easy to use and once I started the program it kept my cravings to a minimum. Today I celebrate 3 years of a smoke-free life! Thank you QuitKey for helping me kick a 2 pack-a-day habit and possibly saving my life. By Jules Smoked over 20 years ,smoke free now 20 years !,

Great productFebruary 29, 2012

I smoked 3 packs a day for over 20 years. When this came out over 20 years ago before it was a keychain I purchased it. It was so easy every time you have a cigarette you punch it into the computer smoking normally , then when you start the program the computer beeps and tells you when to smoke. In one month I was smoke free, No withdrawal symptoms or anything. I have been smoke free now over 20 years. Give this a try it worked for me. By Firefly ------

Best thing ever! June 6, 2011

I used this 10 years ago after smoking 20 plus years and trying all the other quite smoking avenues, patch, gum etc...I have no will power and it was the only thing that worked for me. I will forever be greatly to the genius that invented this life saver!
By Amy in Austin, TX

LifeSign or a new beginning! March 15, 2011

I had used an older version during the early 90's with great success and after several years I gave in to that just one. When I made my decision to quit it took several hours on the internet, but, was I happy to find this newer model available. Am in the program at present and very pleased with the ease of letting go of 2 pks. a day average..
By Fish_More

It Works!!! February 25, 2011

I used a similar product years ago called LifeSign. I'm happy to say it worked and I'm still smoke free. When a friend of mine decided to quit smoking I found QuitKey. He went through the entire program and is now 4 months smoke-free after 30 years of smoking! He admits he still has cravings every now and then, a known fact to anyone who has quit, but they aren't to the point where he actually wants to start again. This program "weans" you off the addiction a little at a time to make it a lot easier. When you are use to smoking every 15 minutes and you suddenly realize you are going an hour, or 2 hours between cigarettes it motivates you to continue. You will be so proud of yourself you will be telling your family, your friends, maybe ever strangers you meet waiting for the bus! It makes a great gift so buy one for yourself and someone you love. TIP: You can't stop smoking until you are ready. So buy this when you are ready and use it! It works! You can to do this just like millions of new non-smokers have.
By John S.

Lifesign Success Story 21 years Later January 11, 2011

21 years ago, as I sat looking into an ashtray, I wondered how much of that garbage was ending up in my lungs. I was a pack and a half a day smoker, with a pack being smoked whenever I was in a bar. I had heard of LifeSign and decided to look into it. At the time, the cost was about $90 dollars, which was a fair amount of money. It was a logical way to stop smoking and that is what appealed to me. It actually tapers you off, and after smoking for 23 years, I was done in 18 days! Very simple, and that was the best money I have ever spent. I would highly recommend this method to anyone that wants to quit, AND save themselves a LOT of money in the process. The new Quitkey is actually cheaper now than it was in 1990, by about $30. Remember: You are the only one that can make yourself stop smoking. You have to want to, and this is the most successful way I have ever heard of. Just
By Dan Corbin, WESTLAND, MI

LifeSign Quit Key October 18, 2010

I was a smoker for 22 years, coming up to year 4 as a non-smoker, tried this, more because it was a gadget than I wanted to quit. It works, only had 1 bad day, day 25 but to be honest it wasn't that bad. I did put on weight after I quit but to be honest, that was my fault (treating myself for not smoking). I recommended this to my brother, a month later, he had also quit.
By David R. Scott, UK

Worked for me , July 19, 2010

I used this product back in 1994 and I've been smoke free ever since. Haven't cheated once and never looked back. For the first week I smoked as I normally would and pressed a button on the unit. After the first week the unit then, based on my smoking habits told ME when to smoke gradually cutting me down. I believe it took me 28 days to quit. Yes I was a very heavy smoker. A pack a day person. Lastly during the quitting phase smoke a different type of cigarette, something that you wouldn't usually smoke. For me I smoked Marlboro, while quitting I switched to my grandfather’s brand.
By SanMan4Ever

LESS ANXIOUS , May 12, 2010

I have used this product before 16 years ago and remained smoke free for over 2 years. I was so glad to find it again because the pills or the patch gave me severe reactions. I am like everyone else in this world with lots of stress, but if you follow the program, you will feel less anxious about the process. Anyone can do it if I can.
By Less Anxious, KILLBUCK, OH

YES.... you can stop the control the cancer stick has over you currently , January 7, 2010

A positive experience. I regained control over my life 22 years ago when I used the orig. LifeSign. The program was great, easy to follow, and even forgave me twice when I fell off the wagon. I have recommended life sign to anyone who has mentioned they would like to quit smoking cigs. I smoked anywhere from a pack to pack and a half per day for about 12 years. I was seriously at the mercy of an addiction and could do nothing about it. As the years passed I realized I slept with an ashtray next to the bed so I could light up even before my feet hit the floor in the morning. I attempted to break the habit twice on my own unsuccessfully before I purchased life sign. I recall reading ahead in the manual when I first received the product in the mail and at one point read I would go 4 days in between smokes. I remember thinking yeah right, I can't go 2 hours let alone 4 days. I tell you the time came there was a 4 day interval and I did not miss smoking at all... wow! The best experience of my life was hearing the little tune play the very last time I pressed the button. It took me by surprise, I felt as if I was losing a friend as I stared at my very last smoke. That is he happiest memory I have of smoking... all the rest... not so much. Good luck in your quest to quit, you will not regret the decision.
J. Descoteau

Does the job. , January 3, 2010

After 30 years of developing a cigarette addiction to the tune of up to 2 packs a day I decided to give it up about 20 years ago. I tried to "wean" myself off by limiting the number of cigarettes I smoked in a day. I would set out my daily supply & every day I would remove 2 smokes. After about a few days I gave it up. I would smoke my allotment as I normally would & would then spend the remaining time suffering withdrawal symptoms. It did nothing for the physiological side of quitting. It was basically a form of cold turkey. If I could find a "timer" or some such to do the same thing but in a more orderly fashion that would be great. Well, I came across LifeSign (the original). Sounded exactly what I was looking for. I ordered two, one for me & one for my wife. She resisted......said it wouldn't work, too difficult. And for her she was right. She played with it for a few days & tossed it aside. She still smokes & is now my ex( nothing to do with smoking). I kept with the program & haven't smoked a cigarette since the last day. I will however, on my deathbed, while looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, smoke one last cigarette. Yes I get the occasional craving. But after all these years of being an ex-smoker they're not a problem anymore. If there weren't so many negatives(cost, health, addiction, social stigma, inconvenience, etc.)I would take it up again as for awhile I did enjoy smoking. But the negatives far out-way the few benefits. One thing on LifeSign the program is not as easy as you may be led to believe, But is easier than I actually thought it would be. I would recommend this program only if you're serious about quitting. As far as the actual product the original LifeSign worked as advertised, it did the job. I can only think the new improved QuitKey is just as good or better, just don't get it confused with your remote starter fob. I also think this new one is only about as much as I paid for the original so it’s still a bargain compared to the thousands I saved by giving up a nasty habit.
C. A. Freeman, Montevideo, MN


I used the original LifeSign Computer to quit smoking in 1989 and have not gone back to smoking. I was a pack and half a day smoker and I smoked for 14 years. LifeSign is a brilliant tool to stop smoking for good. It takes care of the physical addiction without chemicals, by incrementally increasing your time between cigarettes over a period of 2 - 4 weeks, depending on your habit. Because you need to smoke your cigarette as close to the time that the beeper goes off as possible, you are forced to experience situations where you would normally have a cigarette, without one, such as talking on the phone, with a drink, etc. Similarly, you might be required to get up in the middle of working to have a cigarette when you typically would not have one. This combination works on the psychological addiction because it shows you that indeed you can make it through a cigarette-related experience without the cigarette and this memory helps you later on when the program is over. What a boost to your self-confidence! After I quit, I recommended LifeSign to 4 friends. They ALL stopped smoking as well. I believe LifeSign is a wonderful tool for anyone smoker that is ready to quit. I have not seen it in the stores for many, many years and did not think it still existed. I did a computer search and am thrilled to find it does, because I will be ordering it for my boyfriend as soon as I finish this review. If this is the "new, improved version" of LifeSign then the only thing I can say is don't hesitate -- this is a magnificent, effective product.
Leslie Winthrop, NYC, NY

My mom quit after 40 years and I quit after 15 years of smoking , January 2, 2008

My mother and I used the original LifeSigns product in 1989. She used the first cycle. She was smoking 3 to 4 packs of cigarettes a day when she quit. I used the second cycle and I was smoking 1.5 to 2 packs a day. She remained smoke free until her death in 2001. I think quitting added a few extra years to her life. I remain smoke free and now hate the smell of cigarettes. I wish I had never started. Unfortunately, I gained more than 5 lbs. after quitting. I recommend that anyone using this product have a good diet plan in place before quitting. Quitting was one of the hardest things I've ever done but I really feel that I did the right thing. I highly recommend this product.
S. Smith, AZ

I used the Original Lifesign to Quit, April 4, 2007

I used the Original LifeSign to quit smoking about 15 years ago. It worked like a charm. If this is the improved model I can only say that you would be foolish not to use this product. Like any "stop smoking" aid, you have to be ready to quit for it to be successful. Having made the decision, this aid will give the very best chance of carrying through with your decision. Follow the instructions and in a month you will be cigarette free. Good luck!
M. Galbreath, Finger Lakes, NY

It's Great, July 30, 2006

I bought this QuitKey for my husband. He has been trying everything to stop smoking and nothing was helping. I bought him this QuitKey and he started it just a week ago and it's been a big help to him. So far he is on his 2nd week and he is finally sticking to something and it's helping him. This LifeSign QuitKey is the best thing. If there are more people out there who want to quit smoking then they should buy this QuitKey because it works.
Janice Page, Kearny, NJ

Quit after 10 years of smoking and never had a cigarette since!!!, June 7, 2006

I got the original LifeSign as a present back in December of 2002. I had smoked for 10 years by then and was finally ready to quit. I wasn't a really heavy smoker, but smoked a consistent 10 cigs a day for 10 years (with more on weekends and at outings). I never tried to quit before LifeSign and was simply AMAZED at how well it worked. The beauty of this product is that it addresses both physical and mental sides of the smoking addiction. It weans you off physically by increasing the intervals between your cigarettes and it breaks your mental patterns by not letting you smoke at your usual pattern, but rather at scheduled times. That really breaks the craving pattern! And the whole thing is CUSTOMIZED directly to you, vs a standard fits-all approach of other programs. And it does NOT use any drugs!!! It's completely natural! The little machine calculates your patterns and the strength of addiction (how many cigs you smoke) and then comes up with the program tailored to just you. It even allows for "cheating"! If you can't follow the quitting program and keep cheating, all you have to do is keep pressing that button when you smoke, and the machine will adjust your program! To make a long story short, it took me 19 days to quit a 10 year old habit! 7 days for recording my patterns and 12 to quit. Since I quit I have not had a cigarette in over three years! I can't recommend this product highly enough! This will change your life for the better and the new health you will acquire is priceless!
By Helen, Livonia, MI

After 30 years I am Smoke Free, April 21, 2006

Last summer 2005 I decided to quit smoking. So I purchased the QuitKey. It is very easy to use. Actually for once in my life I could always find my car keys!! I followed the plan it was easy. I am now going into my 9th month of not smoking. I have not had one single drag off a cigarette. I also don't have a craving for one. After 30 years of cigarettes being a ball and chaing I am free from them!
By K. Cook, Bellingham, WA

"I used your product approximately 15 years ago and it worked fabulously."
Cynthia J Russell

"I have just hit my 3 Month Mark of being a non-smoker. The QuitKey helped me to quit for good. I had tried 4 times previous to kick the habit, using hypnosis, the patch, cold turkey, and none worked. This time its for good. I have now told my doctor about the QuitKey and he is recommending it to his patients when the traditional quit methods fail."

Elizabeth Stilwell

"My wife and I quit smoking together in October 1995 by using LifeSign. I myself had tried many times to quit smoking for at least 50 years. I was afraid of chewing gum or anything else containing nicotine for fear that I would become just as much addicted to them as smoking. Smoking is primarily addictive of course, but ther eare also elements of habituation involved; I believe that LifeSign is effective against both. Even with LifeSign, it took us several tries before we finally got the point that we had absolutley no desire for one."

James W. Lance

"My husband bought this product for me as a Valentine's present in 1991. It was extremely easy to use. I smoked normally for seven days and and every time I had a cigarette, I pushed a button on the computer. After seven days, the computer calculated how long it would take me to quit smoking, and it would beep when it was time for me to have a cigarette. My family, friends and co-workers always asked "How long before your next cigarette?" I smoked my last cigarette at 2:00 p.m. on March 15, 1991 (the Ides of March!) and I've been smoke free ever since. This year I celebrated being smoke free for 15 years!"

Barbara Temper, Maybrook, NY

"I quit smoking over 20 years ago using LifeSign after I saw an informercial about it. LifeSign makes giving up smoking easy. Quitting smoking is more important than most of the things people do to be healthy. LifeSign is a true lifesaver and really "gives life itself." LifeSign has really changed my life for the better. It helped me take control of my health and I feel great! Thank you, LifeSign!"

Margaret, Lexington, KY

"Dear LifeSign:

I just wanted to let you know that your product really helped me. At the beginning of the 1990's I used your little pocket computer to quit. It worked fabulously. Then a couple of years later I fell off the wagon and started smoking again; it was just one of those things. Well within a year or two I knew I really did not want to be a smoker, I hated the smell on my clothes, my hair and in my house and as a singer I was doing myself no favors. Moreover, I was living at fairly high altitude in the Southwest and I can guarantee that smoking was not improving my lung capacity in that context either! The LifeSign unit I had was no longer working after so much time, but I contacted your company and you sent me a new one right away! So I went through the process again and quit successfully. I have now been smoke free for over 10 years!

I think it worked because it adapted to me and my habits, and if I slipped it simply re-calculated my quitting schedule and I went on from there. What was interesting was that I found I didn't want to slip; I didn't want to “disappoint” the little computer in my pocket! That may sound a bit silly but I think that it means that when you are using the LifeSign product you feel like to have someone helping you to quit, it's like you're not alone; even though it is just a machine.

Thanks LifeSign!"

Nathalie Golay, Port Alberni , BC Canada

"After 45 years of addiction to the "weed" cigarette, and many attempts to QUIT, I saw the advertisement on T.V. for LifeSign. I promptly phoned the number displayed (1-800-LifeSign) and ordered the "wee" computer. That had to be one of the best decisions I made in my lifetime (except to marry my beautiful wife). When I received it, I viewed it with a certain amount of skepticism, but was determined to give it a chance to do "what nothing else did". The first week I used it per instructions (press that little button every time I had a "smoke"). After the first week, it took over and told me when I could have a "smoke". Those days, I think I smoked more than I did before LifeSign. Gradually and mercifully , the times between smokes were increased. Mind you, I cheated once or twice, but generally I was faithful to the LifeSign computer. Then on day 23 (I shall never forget that day), on awakening, I turned the computer ON, and was told my next cigarette would be in 7.5 hours. By this time I was agreeable to its commands. In 7.5 hours the little buzzer sounded. I quickly retrieved it from my pocket, had a cigarette, and pressed the button (as I had done for 23 days). To my amazement, a message was displayed as follows: "Congratulations, you are now a non-smoker!" Somehow I couldn't accept that carte-blanche, I had one more, smoked it to the filter, threw my ashtrays in the garbage, gave my remaining cigarettes to my neighbor, and prayed for assistance to stay quit. I went through the next day without smoking. The days turned into weeks, the weeks into months, and here I am 15 years later... Absolutely no desire to smoke, and feeling great because of it. Two months ago, I had a medical check-up (not with my regular doctor). The doctor's comment, after checking my lungs, said "I guess you've never smoked." I sure felt GREAT ..... Thank you LifeSign!"

Keith Duperron, Maple Ridge, BC. Canada

"I quit smoking 16 years ago and I am still smoke-free, thanks to you folks at LifeSign. I smoked 2 packs a day and I smoked for 25 years. Now I'm finally SMOKE-FREE. Once again, THANK YOU because I enjoy a very healthy lifestyle now and a better quality of life. I know this will extend my life!"

Phil Damiano, Montreal PQ. Canada

"Aloha, Thanks to QuitKey I quite smoking sixteen (16) years ago and haven't had one since. I did it when I lost my husband and had smoked for over 60 years. Sooooo happy I'm smoke free."

Noma Wilson

"Good Morning, Happy Anniversary. Because of QuitKey, on January 9, 1990 I had my last cigarette. It is now 13 years (4,745 days) of being smoke free. Take in consideration I was over 2 packs per day, and at the time I quit cigarettes were $1.50 per pack (at that rate) I saved over $14,235.00 (now that does not take into consideration the medical bills if I would have continued smoking). That is one heck of a return on my money. So I thank you 189,000 times, for the number of cigarettes I did not smoke."

Bob Salajka Winter Haven, Florida

"1991 never smoked since..... QuitKey helped me Quit Smoking.... thanks... thanks a lot for your product...."

Jennifer Ferguson

"I recently (November 2002) began a process that changed my life. I signed up for an NIH-funded research study through PICS for a quit-smoking aid called QuitKey. I have now been a non-smoker for almost three months. No cigarettes, no tobacco, no nicotine spray. I just wanted to take a chance to say thank you. I would recommend the QuitKey system to anyone I know."

Leslie Rockwell

"I just want to let you all know that I used your product successfully over 13 years ago and I have never had another cigarette..... I have told many about this method, but finally took a moment to find you on the web. I am now pass your url to my friend who want to stop smoking. I am so glad to see you are still around!!!"

Thanks, Jackie

"The QuitKey was better than anything else I have tried; it was very helpful. It gave me a chance to wean myself off of cigarettes, rather than quit cold turkey. So, it was very helpful. In fact, it’s worked where nothing else I had tried worked."

Mildred Spriggs, Maryland

"Hi, I used the QuitKey computer program to help me and my husband quit smoking in 1989. It will be 14 years for both of us on January 13, 2003! I'm so happy that I bought it. My husband is asthmatic so I bought QuitKey so that I could quit and he could follow along with me. Our smoking habits were nearly identical, so we only had to use one computer to do it! Every time the computer beeped to have a cigarette, I would just phone him and tell him it was time. It was actually "fun" in a way. Thanks so much for your product. My friend knows someone who wants to quit smoking too and she was just asking me about it, so I sent her the link via email. Have a good day."


"I searched the net, hoping that I would find that you were still in operation. Today I was writing down the information that is on the back of your monitors for a friend...and because my monitor is 12 years old...I didn't know if that 800 number was still good or not...or even if QuitKey was still in business. Rah, now I can get back to my friend and say that indeed you are still here and going strong. Yours is truly a wonderful program. As I say before, my monitor is 12 years old. When I started the program, the monitor said that I would be smoke free in 28 days. It did just that...and in a way that I could work with. I knew that as I was succeeding in this goal, I didn't have the feeling that I had someone leaning over my shoulder. I was always aware that if I were to have one bad day, that it wasn't going to be held against me, the program would simply do todays work all over again. What I found special about QuitKey was that it not only helped remove the nicotine from my system, but it was helping to change my smoking 'timing.' I soon found that I wasn't reaching for a cigarette when I had my morning cup of coffee, or driving in the car. When that day came, when I had my last cigarette, I knew that I could remain smoke free. In 28 days, I gave up a big habit that I had had for almost 40 years. In the last part of that addiction, I was smoking at least one-and-a-half to two packs a day. My last cigarette was smoked on July 5, 1990 and I haven't craved another cigarette since. Again, Thank You."

Maryann Doolin

"I smoke in good times and in bad times…when I’m very happy and when I’m very sad… when I’m stressed and when I’m very relaxed… before a meal and after a meal… It [QuitKey] has taken over, to help me to stop smoking. But it has given me back total control over my life in the end...Thank you, QuitKey for freeing me… freedom!"
Gisela Padfield - Reston, Virginia

"Back in the 1980's my husband and I both used your product. We decided to order 2 and quit together. At the end of the program we were both successful non-smokers and to date I am still a non-smoker, thanks to your product. Unfortunately, my husband was not quite as dedicated to the cause as I and as result began smoking once again. I am very sad to say that my husband died of cancer in 1992, still a smoker, with one wish left on his mind before he died. He wished he could have stayed a non-smoker after using QuitKey the first time and had been more dedicated to a life of non-smoking. I recommend your product and fully endorse its productive success."

Marian, Canada

"I Back in 1993, I was up for surgery and needed to quit smoking. I saw this machine in a local drug store, and gave up $49.95 for it. I was six days into the phase two with one more to go, when I said this was stupid, why continue. The QuitKey had done so well, that there was no reason to finish the program, so I doused all my
cigarettes, and am smoke free to this day, and would never return to the days of pawing thru the gargbage, ashtrays for a smokable butt. I have often thought of this machine for my friends but never saw it again, until last nite, I thought, why not try the computer. And there it was. I called up a friend, and she has ordered one
and I have a nurse friend who needs to stop, as she has just been diagnosed with emphysema, noted on an xray taken because she had a lump in a breast. I have printed out this ad for her. Thanks, for being there for me in 93., !!!!!!!!!!!"


"I had my first cigarette at the age of 8. By 9 I was addicted and smoked 1/2 pack per day. By the time I was 22 I thought everyday about cancer and how cigarettes effected me. I was up to in excess of 2 packs per day. I had tried to quit several times but would only last hours. When I ordered QuitKey I knew it would work for me. I was a habit smoker who would light up when answering the phone, getting out of bed, getting into a car...etc. I couldn't really remember being a non-smoker so it was quite the adjustment as over time you come to depend on your cigarettes, they are always there for you. I also felt that if I quit smoking I would lose myself & who I was and no longer be a "cool" person to hang out with. Well, QuitKey was in 1991 and I have nearly gone 10 years as a reformed smoker. I am still addicted and have occasional cravings but have never given in to the temptation. I now have incredible energy and can breath so much better (except around second hand smoke) darn it! If it wasnt for a program like QuitKey I know that I would never have quit. The other programs do not take care of the habit."

Marcia Kelemen, Cluculz Lake BC Canada

"I quit smoking 10 years ago using QuitKey. I am a grateful believer in QuitKey. Thank you."

Shirley A. Mollison

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for saving my life. Nearly 10 years ago I purchased your little pocket machine after seeing your advertisement on TV, and went through the 5 week program. Back then I was a better then 3 packs a day smoker, unable to complete a sentence without coughing, when I started on the program. I have not had a single puff of any type of tobacco since the no smoking sign appeared and the fanfare music played. I still have the machine. I have not stopped talking about your little machine since, recommending it many times to friends and family over the years. It worked for me, it will work for others."

Sincerely, Les Weiner non-smoker

"I am sure you get lots of letters from satisfied customers. I wanted to tell you how glad I was to have found QuitKey. In June of 1990 i watched a 30 min show on QuitKey and decided to order one. I had been smoking for 25 years and had a 5 pack a day habit. I had a cigarette in my mouth all the time. If i had less than a half pack at bed time, i would go to the store for more. If i didn't i would run out before i got to the store in the morning. The last thing i done before i went to sleep was smoke, i woke up in the night and smoked and i had a cigarette lite before i got out of bed in the morning.I had tried hypnosis, and the gum. Hypnosis didn't work and i chewed the gum and smoked cigarettes at the same time. There are a lot of medical problems that smoking causes that you can blame on other things. The one thing you can't is the hacking cough that you develope. When i got to that point i knew i had to quit. My wife had be after me for years to quit. On the 8th day when i turned my QuitKey on it said it would take me 28 days to quit. On the 18th day i quit and haven't smoked a cigarette since. That was July 1990."

Boyd Rogers

"With QuitKey, you're in control because the program is designed for you. You can't fool the computer and you can't fool yourself. It gives you the freedom to lead your life without worrying about when you should smoke."

Annie Kilkelly - Reston, Virginia.

"I used your little computer about 14 years ago to quit smoking. I was just semi-interested in quitting because I enjoyed smoking, especially with my sisters. Anyway, my boss told me he would work with me and I began. Anyway, it took me 21 days to quit and I felt like I had successfully climbed Mt. Everest! It broke the psychological addiction as well as the physical addiction for me. I have never been tempted or never have wanted another cigarette in all of these years. My sisters are still smoking and are now having serious health problems. I was thrilled when I found your website and I am sending it to my sister who has e-mail. Thank you really for saving my life - not to mention all of the money I have saved over the years. My sister said that she spends around $35 a week just on cigarettes! That is terrible!"

Vivien Timmons, Gastonia, NC

"I would like to profoundly thank you for your wonderful product "QuitKey." It is the ONLY product I have ordered from the Internet that delivered EXACTLY what it promised! I was a smoker for 10 years and never tried to quit before. I knew that someday I would, but didn't feel like it at the time. Then I finally decided it was time and ordered your life saving computer. I always heard that rarely anybody quits smoking the first time they try. But with QuitKey I did! It took me 12 days! After smoking for 10 years! AND without any drugs or weight gain. Incredible! It wasn't easy, but it definitely was doable, and now I'm smoke free for already 14 months and counting. Thank you again for the gift of health!"

Helen Garbuzov, Livonia, MI

"I want to thank you for your assistance in my effort to quit smoking. I ordered and received your QuitKey Stop Smoking kit in January of 2001. After using your product and support system, I'm proud to say that I have successfully quit my 25+ year, one-pack a day smoking habit! After almost one year without a cigarette I'm convinced that I'm really quit! Success! Please continue encouraging smokers to quit! I believe after using your system, I finally have the ability to remain smoke free and hopefully escape the illnesses that I have witnessed so many of my (smoking) family suffer from. Your system helps break the psychological bind of the smoking habit as the nicotine leaves your body freeing your from the physical dependency. Thanks to you, I can breathe!"

Judith Fuller

"I'm finally free!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I have never found a method of quitting that works, except for QuitKey! Again, thank you for giving me back my life!"

Kelly Weitlauf

"Thank you. What else can I say? 4 years ago I bought a QuitKey. I have been a non-smoker ever since. Never got jumpy, never gained weight. Instead, I became less jumpy and got more energy. Now, I'm one of those people who hates the smell of smoke. For all of this, I thank you. My children also thank you. Oh yeah, of course my husband who never smoked thanks you."

Peggy DeMarco - British Columbia, Canada

"I was glad to see your commercial again on television. All I wanted to say is I ordered your product 11 years a go and I stopped smoking first time around. I was a one pack a day smoker. At the time it seemed a lot of money just to try what was in my mind a "gadget" to stop smoking but this was the best investment I made for my self and my family."

Marjolaine Hebert

"Hi - Just wanted to tell you that I quit smoking 11 years ago with QuitKey and I think it is an incredible product. I wondered about it, because it seemed to disappear for a while. I have told everyone I know about it, and it was a success for me. I did not have to use a patch, or pills, or gum, just QuitKey. I have never smoked again and owe it all to QuitKey. Thank you for such a super product!"

Debbie Garfield

"Quitting was the most difficult thing I've ever done. The computer was like a guide - it provided the discipline I needed to stop. QuitKey not only saved my life, it made my life more enjoyable."
Kathy Jackson - Reston, Virginia

"I've just discovered to my great delight that you are still in existance. I used QuitKey to quit smoking almost 6 years ago and always brag about it being the best way to quit but didn't know if you were still around. My sister-in-law is thinking of quitting and I'm very happy to be able to tell her that she could use QuitKey too! I actually used your product to quit smoking twice (silly me). I smoked a pack and a half a day when I quit the first time and I quit for about a year an a half. It was stupid of me to start again and the only thing that I ever thought was that now I had to quit again! I turned to your product again and it worked for a second time! Like I said, it's been almost 6 years! I had to write and say how greatful I am and how much I think that you have the best method of quitting smoking that I had ever tried in my 13 or so years of smoking. Hopefully I'll be getting you some more customers now that I know that your product is still available! Thank you so much for what you've done for me."

Laura Smith

"When I decided to quit smoking, I was afraid I would fail. I always had an excuse for smoking, but never had the right reasons for quitting until I just decided one day that enough was enough. QuitKey made the difference. Trying to quit cold turkey, which didn't work, I felt like a basket case [and] I put on 10 lbs in a week and a half. But with QuitKey I have taken off 4 lbs. QuitKey was the miracle I needed because it helped me quit and I have quit for good."

Mary Davis - Los Angeles, California

"I insist on sending you a few words. In the summer of 1992 I ordered the QuitKey from your company which I received at that time. I followed it to the letter and on the 25th day it called for one cigarette, it was my last one. After having smoked a pack and a half a day for 45 years, I haven't touched [cigarettes] since. I don't have to tell you how proud I am of myself! By the way, I am 73 years old so it wasn't easy because the cigarette was my best friend. But after a few weeks that passed and I feel great. Thank you very much!"

Bernie Bergeron - Ontario, Canada

"I am writing to tell you how happy I am to be a non-smoker thanks to QuitKey. In 1988 I sent for QuitKey after seeing it advertised on TV. Within 23 days after receiving it and smoking regularly for a week to set the unit, I was smoke-free. I had been turned down for life insurance due to being overweight, a smoker and having high blood pressure. That really set me back on my heels so I had decided to find an effective way to quit. QuitKey helped me. Now five years later I am an avid anti-smoker from having been a two pack a day smoker. So after 20 years, QuitKey broke the habit for me."

Joy Paredo - Alberta, Canada

"Going through QuitKey I didn't gain weight. I lost weight. I lost about 15 lbs., which I was kind of surprised about. It feels real good. It's a nice feeling to wake up in the morning and be able to breathe, to run and not have any shortness of breath. QuitKey was a major part of me getting back on the road to good health. I feel like I've been given a second chance. Most people find it is very hard to quit smoking. I found it quite easy. The last cigarette I smoked was on November 15, 1988. That was the day I took those chains and threw them away. I no longer needed them. I'm back in control."
Allen J. Falk - Lincoln, Nebraska

"I ordered my QuitKey four years ago and 27 days after I received it I quit smoking. I can't believe I haven't smoked in four years. It was UNBELIEVABLE. I basically feel I have absolutely no willpower at all and this made quitting really easy. I never cheated and went by the program. My family was amazed. I read your suggestions and followed them. I believe this is the way to quit. I have never written a company about a product before but I felt this was important. Thanks for your help!!!!"

Loresa Duncan - El Dorado, Kansas

"I have tried to quit smoking numerous times before, with various other methods but had been unsuccessful each time and was beginning to think I was stuck with this habit for life. Then one night around midnight, I was having trouble sleeping so I turned on the TV and there you were, telling me to order this little computer that would change my life. I imagine you get a lot of letters like this so I won't belabor the point, but I want to sincerely thank you for supplying me with the means to overcome my addiction; it really has changed my life. In fact, QuitKey has helped two other people I know do the same. QuitKey works, and I hope this will help you continue to promote health across the continent."

Christine Fichter - Alta, Canada

"My dad has smoked since he was about 14 years old. He is now 73. My mother has such a hard time with the smoke that she has been sick with it. About 2 years ago in November at about 2:00am when I couldn't sleep I turned on the TV and ordered QuitKey for my dad for Christmas. My dad was so pleased that I cared so much to give him such a gift. In February he started the program and when the time was up, he had quit. Our family is so thankful, my mothers health is better and for sure so is dads. We even tell him how good he smells now that there is no smoke around him. He is proud of his success and thanks to God for showing me the 2:00am TV show and QuitKey! Our family is much healthier."

Brenda King - Long Island, New York

"My older daughter came home from school one day and said 'Daddy it makes me sad when you smoke.' I felt guilty but I just couldn't stop. Then I found QuitKey and it helped me quit. Now my daughters are happy and I feel proud."

Robert Walls - Reston, Virginia

"I used this and on the second try made it. A rough go, but for me your system worked. There is no easy way, but yours is intelligent and honest. I still have my last butt dated 9/24/90."

Helen Joy - Vista, California

"I started smoking when I was about 12, which was about 40 years ago. I got up to about 2 packs a day and hung in there up until two years ago. Everybody's happy that I stopped smoking. I feel like I did good, I'm proud of myself. I'm stunned by how effective this thing was. The thing that sticks with me most -- that I really smoked for a very long time [but] with this product I really stopped smoking. I mean, I truly do not smoke anymore. I wish that this kind of thing had existed years before. I didn't need to be hung up on cigarettes for such a long time. If you want to stop smoking, you can stop smoking, just get this product and you'll stop smoking. I absolutely believe QuitKey is a wonderful product."
Arnie Moses - Reston, Virginia

"Thanks to QuitKey, I am now approaching four full years of non-smoking! I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to QuitKey. It works. I also want to thank your organization - when I got my first machine, I dropped it by accident. You replaced it immediately at no cost, and then I began my usage which was successful in just thirty days after 26 years of smoking!"

Steve Sohus - Agoura, California

"I have been meaning to write you for awhile now but kept putting it off. You see I sent for and received your QuitKey program in 1992, followed it faithfully for 23 days, the last day that little tune played. I had two cigarettes left, threw them away, and never had a cigarette since. It will be three years this coming October 8. I had been smoking for almost fifty years and had no problem quitting. I want to thank you so very much. I am very proud of myself thanks to you."

Debra Corkin - Tweed, Ontario

"I recently received your renewal offer for a QuitKey monitor at a special price. Thanks for the offer, and I am happy to say 'no thanks! I don't need it!' I had my last cigarette at noon, December 21, 1988. What the program did was to give me the support I needed. It did the thinking I couldn't do during withdrawal, and kept me on track, cutting back my nicotine level. Each hour was a 'crisis' but I made it thanks to your little computer. Thanks for helping me do something I had tried on my own to do for twenty years. I smoked two and one-half packs a day before I quit."

Barbara Piazza - Bossier City, Louisiana

"Just want you QuitKeyers to know - my wife and I both used QuitKey in July of 1988, and neither of us has had a cigarette since and we were diehard multiple pack a day smokers when we started QuitKey. I was a 3 pack a day smoker and Jill went through a pack to a pack and a half daily so you can see it wasn't a small thing to quit. I had tried self designed stuff with the predictable no success results. I tried Smokenders but that didn't last for long. But with QuitKey - well, it must have been time because we stuck with that little guy faithfully and came out the other end winners. If I were asked, I think I'd have to say QuitKey has given us two or three more years (as a minimum) of life and better health in all the years left to us. Don't stop your efforts!!!! QuitKey is far too meaningful and effective to not be available to those who are sincerely ready to quit."

R.W. Cox - Idaho Falls, Idaho

"I bought my QuitKey about 4 years ago after watching a paid TV program. It really works. The green booklet was very helpful. This program likely saved my life. Thank you very much."

Ron Hudspith - British Columbia, Canada

"It has now been 5 years since my last cigarette! Officially, I stopped smoking December 22, 1990. The following February, I was involved in a minor traffic mishap and, since I had my two young grandchildren in the car, I was more shaken up mentally than physically. When we finally got to their home, I reached for their mother's cigarettes, lit and smoked one, stubbed it out half way through and apologized to her for wasting it. It did nothing for me, no high, nothing! I guess I was finally finished. Thank you for bringing this product into being! I found it painless and effective, even though I went through 2 computers to do it. By the way, I am now 65 years old. My smoking habit began when I was 17."

Lillian Williams - Ontario, Canada

"I had been smoking for 21 years, which I started at the age of 14 years old and again at the age of 35 in 1991 after I had returned from the Desert Shield/Desert Storm War. My wife had already quit, but after a month of trying to get me to quit, she gave up. On a Saturday afternoon in May 1991, I was sitting on the couch watching T.V. and saw your advertisement, which I called to order the QuitKey Kit. I start as soon as I received it. And my last cigarette was 24 July 1991. Again I would like to thank you for a product that helped me improve my life!"

Joe Alonso - Westwood, New Jersey

"I am so happy to report that using the QuitKey program, I have not smoked since June 4, 1990. I had been a constant smoker for over fifty years. My whole family is so happy about these results. Thank you."

Margorie Lohmeyer Smith - Mission, Kansas