Sleepkey - How Does SleepKey Work

What is SleepKey?

SleepKey is a small hand-held computer, that uses cognitive behavioral strategies in a self-help format to treat insomnia. Although SleepKey can be used as part of the treatment provided by your health professional, this program was designed to provide the behavioral strategies for insomnia with minimal professional assistance. SleepKey was developed with grants from the National Institutes of Health and in consultation with leading insomnia experts.

Whenever you are in bed, SleepKey determines if you are awake or asleep based on whether or not you respond to a vibration or a low-volume tone. After assessing your sleep pattern for a week, SleepKey schedules a time for you to go to bed each night. Initially, this time-to-bed will be later than you are accustomed to, but SleepKey will continue to assess your sleep each night and gradually adjust your time-to-bed until your normal sleep pattern is restored. SleepKey will also prompt you to get out of bed if you are in bed too long without falling asleep. This program feature will train you to associate lying in bed with going to sleep, not with staying awake. Throughout the program, SleepKey will give you feedback on your progress.

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