Sleepkey - Why SleepKey?

Why SleepKey?

SleepKey Restores Your Natural Sleep Patterns Gradually and Easily!

EFFECTIVE: The most effective treatment for difficulty sleeping, delivered in the palm of your hand.

SCIENTIFICALLY BASED: Developed and evaluated with grants from the US National Institutes of Health.

DRUG FREE: Naturally restores your sleep without drug side effects or addiction.

PERSONALIZED: Tailored to your unique sleep pattern.

EASY TO USE: While in bed, press the awake key if you hear a low-volume tone or if you feel a vibration and let SleepKey do the rest.

SleepKey was developed with grants from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health, and in consultation with leading authorities in the behavioral treatment of insomnia.

SleepKey is based on cognitive behavioral treatment for insomnia, considered by the medical and scientific community as the treatment-of-choice for primary insomnia.

Is SleepKey Right For Me?

Many people experience brief bouts of being unable to sleep. If, however, you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep that lasts for more than a few weeks and causes you distress or interferes with your ability to function during the day, then you probably need help to restore your normal sleep pattern.

Insomnia can sometimes be caused by other medical conditions such as sleep apnea (difficulty breathing during sleep), depression, chronic pain, or medications that disrupt sleep. Therefore, it is important to consult with your physician before beginning any treatment for your sleep difficulties.

Most people with insomnia, however, have developed sleep patterns over time that interfere with their normal sleep-wake cycle. Their efforts to get more sleep often result in getting less sleep instead. This “primary insomnia” is a common problem affecting millions of people. Fortunately, the behavioral treatment for insomnia, on which SleepKey is based, is effective in helping people restore a full and restful pattern of sleep.

What Can The SleepKey Program Do For Me?

SleepKey CAN HELP YOU SAY NO TO MEDICATIONS: SleepKey is based on behavioral treatment for primary insomnia which is more effective than sleep medications and without the problems of morning sedation and drug dependence.

SleepKey CAN EASE YOU INTO SOUND SLEEP: SleepKey can help you regain your natural sleep patterns gradually.

SleepKey CAN HELP YOU AWAKEN REFRESHED: A good night's sleep with SleepKey will help your body get what it needs to function at your full potential.

How the SleepKey Program Helps You Get a Good Night’s Rest.

SleepKey learns your sleeping pattern and reshapes it to improve your natural sleeping rhythm.

SleepKey helps you return to a normal and restful night’s sleep gradually, one night at a

Stage 1 (1 week): SleepKey records your sleep pattern while in bed based on your response to a low-volume tone or vibration, and helps you develop a regular wake-up time.

Stage 2 (about 2-4 weeks): Based on your sleep pattern, SleepKey sets your bedtime and prompts you to get out of bed if you are not sleeping so that most of your time in bed is spent asleep. SleepKey then gradually adjusts your bedtime until you are getting a full night’s sleep.

Stage 3: SleepKey helps you maintain a full and restful sleep pattern for as long as you wish to use SleepKey.